1. Echo Education******

  • User name = corryong Password = alpine

Newspaper index for 12 months of newspapers.(Echo shows on what page the issues can be found in the 3 newspapers).

12 months of newspapers are held in the Glass room. Articles in newspapers may be photocopied, but not borrowed or marked.

Return all papers exactly in order for the next person to use.

Or you can copy the heading of an article in talking marks into the box provided and it will normally find the whole article online for you.

Also excellent for giving full online articles for both sides of selected issues.

2. The Age Archives

(Full text articles from The Age for the last 3 months. Schools Archive / Select school / Corryong /type in password ewj113 / Word search / type in word).

Individual Papers

1. Border Mail

2. The Age

3. Herald Sun

4. The Australian

5. Weekly Times

6. All Australian Newspapers

7. All the World’s Newspapers

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CFA Howmans Gap Swimming (Junior...
Dec 11 – Dec 15 all-day
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