News from the Garden…..


I took a photo of the chickens. I have got chooks and ducks at home. Chooks eat food scraps. Chooks are delicious to everyone. Phoebe  Anderson

  “ I can’t wait to have pumpkin soup “ Scott Webb

        I took a picture of the chillies, I sort of like salads with chilli in it. Rachel Paton


I took a photo of the fig tree and the artichoke they are both doing  

         very well. Travis Bandy


“ This is our Garden & This is Us!”

 ~ Phoebe Anderson, Scott Webb, Travis Bandy & Rachel Paton.


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all-day CFA Howmans Gap Swimming (Junior...
CFA Howmans Gap Swimming (Junior...
Dec 11 – Dec 15 all-day
CFA Howmans Gap Swimming (Junior Campus) Swimming Program A swimming program will be running for all students. Dates as below: 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th of December. Cost will be $2.50 per session[...]